【MV full】 上からマリコ / AKB48 [公式]

作詞:秋元 康 / 作曲:川浦正大 / 編曲 : 生田真心


AKB48 24thシングル選抜 じゃんけん大会で見事チャンスを手に入れた


2011.12.7 ON SALE!

【MV】Uekara Mariko (Mariko From Above) / AKB48 [Official] Lyrics: Yasushi Akimoto / Composer: Masahiro Kawaura / Arranger: Ikuta Machine

“Older sister will teach you”
The performers are the 16 members who were able to grab their chances in the AKB48 24th Single Selected Rock-Paper-Scissors Contest!!
Direction is done by movie director, Eiki Takahashi.
Keep your eye out for the comical choreography as well as the melody that will make you want to hum along!

2011.12.7 ON SALE!

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