SNH48 戴萌 & 莫寒《就差一点点》MV

“Don't know why. Can can you be mine”, 期待的故事情节在约定的时间上演。这一场“侦探与小偷”的心跳博弈,转身、靠近,每一秒都在证明默契的频率。就差一点点可以抓住你,就差一点点可以遇见你,不想等待未知的甜蜜。所以,请接受这一份爱的请柬,里面有我们彼此的心有灵犀!

SNH48 isn't just a group of young, pretty girls, and the group's concept is not just about "being idols" either. These girls have their unique music style, and are one of the leading idol groups of younger generations. SNH48 goes beyond the traditional way of creating an idol group (where trainees only debut after a period of secluded training). Instead, by means of exclusive theater performances, handshake events, annual general elections, etc., they let their fans witness and be "involved" in each member's growth as a singer to the utmost.


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