La’cryma Christi – THE SCENT PV [HD 1080p]

Hello! Here is the PV for “THE SCENT” by Japanese visual rock band La’cryma Christi, in HD 1080p quality. It was taken from the 2010 Singles+Clips DVD.

This is one of my favourites of the band, it’s a really well-composed song. The chorus is extremely powerful, and catchy too. The music video is very artsy too. It’s from the Sculpture of Time album, which is a really, really great one: Great song after great song.

ラクリマクリスティ ザ・セント PV HD 1080p

Song name: THE SCENT
Song name (Japanese): ザ・セント
Artist: La’cryma Christi
Artist (Japanese): ラクリマクリスティ
Album: Sculpture of Time
Release date (Sculpture of Time): 12 November, 1997
Release date (THE SCENT Single): 30 July, 1997
Release date (Singles+Clips DVD): January 1, 2010
Catalog number (DVD): VQCS-30018

Vocals: TAKA
Guitar: HIRO
Guitar: KOJI
Drums: LEVIN

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