Locke the Superman (1984 Movie) – Hoshi no Stranger / Rainbow Bridge [Vocal + Karaoke]

Japanese title: 星のストレンジャー (Stranger of the Stars)
Performed by STR!X.

DL link (FLAC/MP3 & Scans):

Sometime during the 1980s, Columbia released karaoke versions of several anime movie theme songs via the form of 7-inch vinyl records; however, because these singles are pretty obscure, the only movies that are known to have its theme songs have karaoke versions released are Locke the Superman and Toward the Terra. These karaoke singles have yet to be released on CD…

The single containing the karaoke versions of the theme songs for Locke the Superman was pretty hard to find, but I was able to find a copy for 3 dollars and bought it alongside the vocal 7-inch version (not knowing that the vocal versions were already released on CD…). The karaoke version took me a while to edit because of how dirty it was, but the vocal single was unfortunately warped…however, FFShrine user “ahqhdahtnf” was kind enough to send me the
CD versions of the vocal versions in FLAC and gave me permission to release it alongside the karaoke versions 🙂


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