Locke the Superman Millenium of the Witch

The first theatrical animated movie by Nippon Animation produced in 1984.

“A truly excellent science-fiction epic that features spellbinding animation, memorable characters, and an extremely ambiguous and intellectually challenging story. At the opening of the movie, the title character lives his life out in solitude on a farm, raising sheep. He’s approached by colonel Ryo Yamaki, an intelligence agent from the galaxy’s central government. Yamaki, who almost accusatorily dubs the wary green-haired boy “Locke the Superman,” has a proposition to make. He’s investigating plans by an enigmatic female tycoon to raise an army of ESPers and topple the government, in the process establishing a 1,000-year kingdom– a millennium. Yamaki figures Locke might know something, because it turns out that Locke himself was approached and asked to participate in the “millennium project.” Locke initially refuses, but after an assassin attempts to kill Yamaki, he realizes the gravity of the situation and agrees to help” (Retrieved from Animesuki).

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