Vacheron Constantin Quai de L’Ile 4500S/000A-B195 Functions & Care

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Welcome to the world of Vacheron Constantin as we explore the proper usage, functions and care of the Quai de L’ile. It’s important to note that the automatic winding watch can be wound manually by turning the crown in it’s position flush to the case approximately 20 times clockwise. The timepiece will start to beat. The actions of the second hand and beat of the balance attest to the operation of the watch. In order to fully energize the 60 hour power reserve, the watch can either be worn on the wrist for the rotor to energize the watch or it can be wound continuously until the subtle slip of the mainspring bridle is felt. It is impossible to over wind an automatic timepiece like this as the mainspring will simply slip when it reaches capacity.

Before using the second crown position to activate the date quick set feature, ensure the watch is not between 8pm and 4am. This is the period when the automatic date jumper is engaged int he process of changing the date. Should the watch be manually swapped from date to date in this period, it can damage the movement. Be sure to adjust the time outside of the 8pm to 4am period if you need to quick set the date. Once past the danger zone, turn the crown in a clockwise fashion to rapidly cycle the index around the date disc at center. To set the watch, withdrawal the crown to the third position and turn clockwise until the desired time is obtained.

Vacheron Constantin rates the Quai de L’ile family for 30m water resistance which is sufficient for resistance to rain and splash exposure. No watch rated at 30m should be submerged, or bathed with. It is important to never actuate the crown when water is present. If water is present on the crown when wound, displaced or used for setting functions, the water can bypass the seals and be introduced into the interior of the watch. It is critical if water is observed in the dial, you take the watch to an authorized retailer, service center or factory boutique to prevent corrosion of the dial and movement.

Vacheron Constantin also recommends annual water resistance testing to maintain the factory rated 30m resistance. Regardless of the factory rating, leather straps are not water resistance. Should the strap ever become moist or wet, wipe it with a dry soft cloth immediately to ensure longevity. Vacheron Constantin recommends servicing the timepiece ever 4-5 years via an authorized retailer, service center or factory boutique. These places will use factory parts, proper equipment and trained personnel to maintain your timepiece. The work preformed will also be protected with a factory backed warranty.

Should the timepiece ever be exposed to strong magnetic fields such as an MRI machine, take the watch to an authorized service center to properly demagnetize your timepiece.

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