SNH48 《花戎 – Flower and Firm》MV舞蹈版 Dance version

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《花戎》MV由孙芮、SNH48袁一琦、SNH48沈梦瑶领衔主演,由 SNH48 GROUP 第八届青春偶像年度人气盛典 TOP16 “星光组”成员共同演绎。MV围绕神秘组织“花戎“的喜宴刺杀事件而展开,揭示了一个悬疑诡谲的奇幻故事。MV在视觉、美术、服装和特效上均由国内顶尖团队共同打造,融合了赛博朋克与国潮两大风格,原创设计出5大主题场景,展现了美轮美奂、震撼人心的电影级画面。

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SNH48 is not just a group of beautiful young girls, it is not just an idol concept. They have a unique style in music and are representative of the new generation of idols. SNH48 completely broke the traditional idol group “closed training first, then debut promotion” form, with exclusive theater performances, handshake meetings, annual elections, etc., to allow fans to witness and participate in the growth of members to the greatest extent. ~
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