This video took me an INSANELY LONG TIME to make! AKB48 and its sister groups have a structure that is COMPLICATED BEYOND BELIEF! But I hope this video will be useful for anyone interested in learning about them!! All the important basic info like their group structure etc. is at the start of the video, but I actually saved all the juiciest/ most interesting things towards the end! So for anyone who already has some basic knowledge about AKB48 and would just like to learn about specific aspects, here are the timestamps:
0:00 – 7:10 : Intro, basic group structure and sister groups
7:10 – 12:30 : Graduation and trainee system
12:30 – 18:12 : Senbatsu
18:12 – 22:50 : Interesting events/ traditions
22:50 – 32:11 : Notorious crimes and controversies
32:11 – 36:06 : Where are they now

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– Special thanks to Anna (Twitter @iwatatesahos) for helping me with this video!
– Research by: Evangeline, Kenzie, Olivia, Shigi, Becka, Zoe
– Editing by: Evangeline


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