【Mashup Video】Ponytail To Shushu – AKB48 / JKT48 / SNH48 / SGO48 / Team SH

Single: Ponytail To Shushu – ポニーテールとシュシュ
Artist: AKB48 Senbatsu
Centers: Acchan and Takamina

「Ponytail Dan Shushu」
Album: Heavy Rotation
Artist: JKT48 Team J
Centers: Melody and Shanju

Single: Flying Get – 飞翔入手
Artist: SNH48 Senbatsu
Centers: Tang Min and Zhao JiaMin

「Ponytail To Shushu」
Single: River
Artist: SGO48
Centers: Trùng Dương and Anna

Single: Ponytail To Shushu – 马尾与发圈
Artist: AKB48 Team SH Senbatsu
Centers: ChuChu and YēZi

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