SNH48 Team HII – GOODBYE / 少女的巴别塔 | Color Coded Lyrics CHN/PIN/ENG/IDN

Member : Fei QinYuan (费沁源), Feng SiJia (冯思佳), Guo Shuang (郭爽), Hao JingYi (郝婧怡), Jiang Shan (姜杉), Jiang ShuTing (蒋舒婷), Li JiaEn (李佳恩), Lin Nan (林楠), Lin ShuQing (林舒晴), Shen MengYao (沈梦瑶), Sun YuShan (孙语姗), Sun ZhenNi (孙珍妮), Wang Yi (王奕), Xu YangYuZhuo (许杨玉琢), Yuan YiQi (袁一琦), Zhang Xin (张昕)

Lyrics : Gan ShiJia (甘世佳)
Composer : MUNA
Arranger : MUNA
Video :

Note :
Jiang Shan (姜杉) tidak dapat mengikuti shonichi setlist “Ultimate Mission”, posisinya digantikan oleh Zhang YueMing (张月铭). Namun karena Jiang Shan (姜杉) adalah original member setlist ini dan tidak adanya foto Zhang YueMing (张月铭) mengenakan kostum ini, kami memutuskan memakai foto Jiang Shan (姜杉).

⚠️ Indonesian and English lyrics are not completely correct with the original translation. Some word we changed and adapted to the previous lyrics, so they match the beat of the song and are easy to understand.

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