LoliRock – Season 1 Episode 1 – To Find a Princess (Clip 5)

Iris is an ordinary teenage girl, but when she sings, strange things occur. After losing a series of babysitting jobs, she decides to audition for a new girl band called LoliRock. But when she sings in front of the judges Talia and Auriana, she causes the auditorium seats to fly off. She flees but is chased down by Praxina and Mephisto, two people from another world who want to capture her. Talia and Auriana save Iris and tell her that she is really a princess from the world of Ephedia and that she has magical powers. When Praxina and Mephisto imprison Iris’s aunt Ellen and others, Iris taps into her power to join Talia and Auriana to defeat the two.

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