How to Change Cord on the DR Trimmer with Line Plates

Today, we’re going to discuss how to change the trimmer cord in your DR Mower that has the black line plates so you get the quality cut that you deserve when you use the machine.

There are two types of trimmer cord you could use in your DR Trimmer/Mower.
The blue cord, for example is 175 mil thick. This cuts very thick vegetation like brambles, cattails, swale grass, stuff that is very difficult to cut.

The green cord is 155 mil thick. This is typically used for cutting grass around your house.
Now, I want to point out that this line plate cannot accept sawtooth cord.

Safety is always number 1 when doing maintenance on any machine. Make sure the spark plug wire is disconnected from the spark plug.

If your model has Parallel trimming action, make sure the cord is not in the top slot because the cord will hit the tire.

Now let’s install the cord.

What you want to do, is take your DR Trimmer cord and you’ll notice a hole on the line plates. You install the cord in the hole and push it in until it starts coming out in the middle. Then take the end of the cord and install it in the second hole. And push it in until the two cords come out together.

At this point, you want to put the cords together and you want to push the loop up one level which locks it in so it does not come out as you’re cutting your weeds. Then pull it through.
Make sure you install the second cord on the same level that you installed with the first one.
That’s it folks, If you have any questions, please give us a call here at the Tech Department.

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