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This is a new Idols of Anime RELOADED! I added more info to Tanjou Debut, and George Lucased a few things.
First we have Idol Defense Force Hummingbird which are military pilot idols! We have Cho Kuse ni Narisou, a funny idol genderswap show perfect for people who also like Ranma 1/2.Then the OVA Idol Project, a wacky idols in space comedy, and lastly the Tanjou Debut OVA’s.

The first 3 have something in common, they are mostly filled with roles with prominent seiyuu (voice actresses) because idols were out, but the seiyuu boom was BIG!


What happened to the old channel? Basically, Youtube nuked my other channel. I reuploaded the original episodes on the following:

Go see the new Idols of Anime reloaded. Reedited to stay up hopefully:

Since I have to rebuild a whole channel, I’m using Tubebuddy. It helped on my old channel and it might help you. Use the link:

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