SKE48 Member Gets In Trouble! – AKB48G News of the Week

This is the weekly show where I talk about the news surrounding the Japanese Pop Idol Group named AKB48. I also talk about the sister groups and sometimes the international groups. I will be covering many topics surrounding them this week. I may not cover every single piece of news that surrounds them, but I talk about some of the more interesting news pieces that I find.

Glad to be back, please excuse any mistakes it’s been a while since I made one of these. Let me know if there is anything to improve on!

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SKE48 Tsuzuki Rika Apologizes for Calling HKT48 Members Ugly and Gets In Trouble

IZ*ONE Superstar App Download Available

Maeda Ayaka Hiatus Ends

NMB48 Tattedattedatte MV

NMB48 23rd Single Delayed

atmos pink x Shiroma Miru x PUMA Shoes Collab

HKT48 3-2 Single Spotify

Miyazaki Miho Youtube Channel

Cho Kurena YouTube Channel

Yamada Nana Youtube Channel

Jonishi Kei Fan Club Announced

BNK48 9th Single Sousenkyo Winner Jane

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